The BEEA {Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Africa} June 2019 Summit.

The BEEA {Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Africa} is a prestigious annual conference series aimed at regrouping key stakeholders around the entrepreneurial, investment and startup ecosystems in Africa. This year’s edition is scheduled to take place in the Capital city of Cameroon,Yaounde and will run under the main theme “Unlocking Africa’s Growth Potentials.” It will be a three days conference that will run from June 12 to 14 2019,and will gather key players from more than 20 African countries including Government delegations, high-profile African leaders, project developers, startups, financial institutions and international investors.

The 3-days event will provide a unique platform to gain strategic knowledge about local and international investment opportunities, Startups, the key role of strong ecosystems and business networking. High-level speakers and global investors, outstanding African startups and pitching as well as deal-making will top the agenda.

The vision of the summit is to accelerate Africa’s growth through the exploitation of all existing resources at the disposal of young people to spur growth and development on the continent. This summit has as goal to harness existing resources for enhancement of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa, which can only be possible when entrepreneurs, multinationals, state corporations, foreign diplomatic bodies, experts and all other stakeholders realize what is needed to scale businesses and improve the creation of others.

Last year’s summit

The summit has as objectives to bring together entrepreneurs, government representatives, experts and keynote speakers, representatives of state owned and private corporations, representatives of international organization, representatives of diplomatic missions, incubators, accelerators and startups, youth leaders and policy makers to:

• Present talks and workshops on key issues that have a direct impact on businesses and the general entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa.


• Discuss and adopt strategies to unlock key sectors within the economy that can have a direct bearing on growth

The 3 days business summit is expected to tackle unemployment,provide coaching and mentoring to young African Entrepreneurs,open up avenues for funding,create links for partnerships,networking,new business openings and ideas and also for collaboration to foster personal and collective growth.Its intended to bring together experts in various fields to discuss topics that could be useful to all stakeholders, to give participants a possibility to have their questions answered by these experts and to permit for business networking thereby laying the groundwork for future collaboration between out speakers and businesses at all levels in Africa.

Myra Achu Fombe,Speaker

The summit scheduled for 3 days has has been sub divided with each day having a special role. On the first day,there will be activities like The opening ceremony, Presentations of local and international keynote speakers, Startup and Investment conference key notes and workshops, Visit of exhibitor booths,Roundtables, Q&A sessions,
Networking opportunities.   

And the second day will have activities like 
Youth unemployment and entrepreneurship conference 
Keynote presentations and workshops,Roundtables, Q&A sessions, Visit of exhibitor booths,Networking opportunities Pitching session , while the third and last day will have Mining and renewable energy conference Keynote presentations and workshops,Roundtables Q&A sessions, Visit of exhibitor booths Networking opportunities and ended with the Award ceremony.

Mr Achaleke Christian Leke,Speaker

For more information on the summit,follow this link [] to know more about the summit.

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